Mālama Pūpūkea-Waimea MLCD
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Our Mission

Working to replenish and sustain the natural and cultural resources of the Pupukea and Waimea Ahupua'a for present and future generations through active community stewardship, education, and partnerships.

Weekend Newsletter

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Come Help Us! Work Days Scheduled!

Native Plant Training

MPW and Hui Kū Maoli Ola, along with partnership with Waimea Valley's Botanical Department, held our first Native Plants Community Training Workshop at Sharks Cove.

The soil that is washing into the water is harming our fragile marine ecosystem and can cause major damage if we are not careful and proactive. Our Sharks Cove Community Planting Project is a pilot project to restore the coastline above Sharks Cove.

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Upcoming Events

Get Involved!
We invite you to come hang out with us at our Community Outreach Tent each Saturday at Sharks Cove from 10:00am - 2:00pm.

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Community Planting Project

Please join us
as we remove invasive weeds, plant native Hawaiian coastal species and help to improve rapid erosion on the west bluff above Sharks Cove. Too much sedimentation can kill our fragile reef below.
We need your help!

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Ocean Operations Require Permits

All ocean recreation commercial operations now require permits

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Big Surf in the Cove

Here's a cool photo sequence of MPW Volunteer Palakiko Yagodich and his father-in-law, Steve Schroeder watching as a 25 foot wave moves in through the Cove.